Changes to the program

******Changes to the programming******

After testing this week we have decided to introduce some changes to the program. The main change is that we are going to move the strength lifts into one session these include Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and some additional ancillary work.

The main reason for this is that it gives us more time within the session to develop technique and skill pre workout. This is going to be a positive change and benefit everyone in this key area.

It will also give us more energy when performing the main strength lifts. Do not fear when we get to the plus sets it’s going feel like plenty of cardio for that day.

These sessions are also going to be opened to new members and people who just want to specifically train these lifts under the membership PFN Strength.

*****Changes to membership names*****

Class membership plus open gym is going to be called: PFN Unlimited.

Class membership is going to be called: PFN Standard.

NO changes to cost or terms.

*****New Memberships*****

PFN Strength – Gives access to the PFN Strength Classes including Powerlifting and Strongman.

PFN Ladies – Access to the ladies only class.

‘Please direct message the PFN team with any questions’.

‘Building a Healthier Community’

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