Burpees and BBQ 2014 write up #pfn #teampfn

The 2014 Burpee and BBQ Throwdown was today at Project Fitness Northampton. An afternoon of BBQ and Burpee PBs.

A straight knockout competition with the big guns kicking off the contest Alex Vs Rich. Whoever is willing to push hardest will win. Rich currently has the fastest 50 burpee time at PFN.

The second match was between AJ Vs Matt. This was going to be a good contest AJ was giving Matt 26 sec head start and Matt took full advantage of this to secure the win and proceed through to the Semi Final.

The third match brought out the big guns for the PFN girls. Both Helen and Christy are highly skilled in the way of the burpee both with impressive 50 burpee times so this match was highly anticipated.

Fourth on the grid was mother and daughter combination Christine Vs Jayne. This was another great contest, both hitting big personal bests on there 50 burpee time. Although Jayne did just enough to make it through to the Semi Final of the competition.


The final contest of the initial round was Jonathan Vs Stephen with this setting up to be the closest contest of the day with only 1 rep in it for the win. You’ll have to watch the video to appreciate the close race.

The Semi Finals

The Athletes who made the semi finals:

Alex Coe

Matthew Swansborough

Jayne Mckee

Stephen Adams

Christy Robinson

First Semi Final was Alex Vs Matt with Alex having some ground to make up with Matt having a 1.25 start. Great contest watch the video as Alex digs deep inside the pain cave.

Then we had a three way semi final to decide the final place into the final. Great contest  although Christy’s consistence and overall speed sees her into the final. This is a great video (see Alex in the background recovering from his previous victory).


Christy Vs Alex

Who’s going to be the 2014 Burpee champion?

The final link is not working correctly you can watch it on the video section on the far right hand side on the main page.

After Math




Congratulations Christy 2014 Burpee BBQ Champion

A pair is on the way!


A big thank you to everyone who helped out to make the day a success. Especially Matt for the BBQ, Becky and Sarah for looking after the BBQ and all the spectators and competitors.












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